Fox Fire Glass LLC
Automotive & Architectural Glass
  • Specialty glass (i.e. textured, encapsulated elements, custom interlayers)
  • Limitless color options in laminated glass
  • Heat tempered glass
  • Chemical strengthening combined with lamination for additional durability
  • Bending/slumping
  • Sand carving
  • Sandblasting/etching
  • Air brushed color
  • Metal Veneers
  • Dichroic and reflective glass
  • 3 dimensional products
  • Project specific samples
  • Site assessment
  • Design development
  • Excellent customer service


Fox Fire Glass LLC provides decorative functional glass for commercial and residential architectural projects.  Working with architects, interior and exterior designers, general contractors and project owners, we consult, design and fabricate a wide variety of decorative glass structures and art glass products.  By addressing each project on an individual basis, we are able to create a finished glass product that suits your specific architectural and design needs.  Fox Fire Glass LLC specializes in the use of heat forming, sandblasting, air brushing and metal veneers in our unique hand fabricated products.

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