Fox Fire Glass LLC collaborates with automotive, marine, and transportation designers, engineers, prototype shops, and restoration facilities to fabricate glass components to their project’s specifications.  Unlike production resources, we have the ability to produce low volume runs and the flexibility to adjust as the project progresses.  This eliminates the overwhelming expense of production tooling and allows for the unexpected modifications that often occur during prototype processing.  Fox Fire Glass provides laminated and chemically strengthened compound shaped parts, and heat tempered cylindrical shaped parts that meet production specifications and industry standards.

Every project receives our hands on customer service, including consultation, technical guidance, and on-site assistance, to ensure that all aspects of the project are being addressed and fulfilled.  Fox Fire is capable of bending glass from simple cylindrical curves to extremely complex shapes that include defroster lines, dot matrix and other frit applications.  The use of laminated glass also allows for a wide ranging color selection.

  • Exceptional reflected optics
  • Limitless color options in laminated glass
  • Meet DOT safety standards for automotive glass
  • Laminated glass thicknesses from 4.76mm to 12mm
  • Sizes up to 51” x 96”  (1295mm x 2440mm)
  • Chemically strengthened glass
  • Heat tempered cylindrical glass
  • Parts produced from math data, hard tooling, or existing part
  • Trim line modification on laminated parts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Standard production times between 6 and 10 weeks
  • Accelerated production times available